Exotic Pets

Exotic pets have unique nutritional and husbandry requirements. At McKnight Veterinary Hospital we take the time to care for every animal that comes to us and have the ability and knowledge to care for these pets.

What type of exotic pets do you service?

Rabbits, ferrets, and lizards.

I went to the McKnight Veterinary Hospital 3 weeks ago and had to say goodbye to my beautiful 21 year…


GREAT experience and would highly recommend! My dog was bite by an off leash dog and I went in very…

Grayson Mcleod

Had to rush my 9 year old cat who had saddle thrombus at 2am in the morning last week. All…

Desiree Bragg

We brought in a kitten who had fallen and broken blood vessels in her eye as a result. She…

Katie Heinrich


Homemade Treats

Homemade Dog Treats

We all know that there’s no better feeling then spoiling our fur-babies, but it can be difficult to find good alternatives to store-bought goodies.

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