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Applesauce and Oatmeal Pet Cookie

Sugar and spice and everything nice. With this yummy pet treat recipe, your furry friend will not feel left out of this sweet day!

Homemade Treats

Homemade Dog Treats

We all know that there’s no better feeling then spoiling our fur-babies, but it can be difficult to find good alternatives to store-bought goodies.

Get to know Dr. Shauna Gavin, Primary Care Veterinarian

We recently did a Q&A session with one of our primary care veterinarians, Dr. Shauna Gavin. Read on to get a peek into the veterinary world!

Get to know Dr. Tara Pugh, Primary Care Veterinarian

We also did a Q&A session with Dr. Tara Pugh who is a primary care veterinarian at McKnight. Read on to find out what inspired her to become a vet and what fuels her passion for this career!