Cat Deworming

Intestinal parasites are a common occurrence in cats depending on their lifestyle. These parasites are transmissible to other animals and humans. Cats that frequent outside and especially the hunters should be dewormed regularly. A discussion on your cat’s lifestyle should be had while at your next visit so we can tailor a deworming schedule that is appropriate for your cat.

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What are some types of parasites found in cats?

Parasites found in cats include roundworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and hookworms.

If my cat has worms, what symptoms should I look for?

Many signs can indicate parasites in your cat. These include weight loss, diarrhea, blood in the stool and a bloated abdomen. These symptoms are also common for other problems that can occur which is why it is always best to discuss this with your Veterinarian.

Are worms dangerous to humans?

Yes, roundworms can be transmitted to humans as their eggs are microscopic and can be accidently ingested.

Are there any side effects from deworming medication?

There are very few side effects to the deworming medications. Occasionally, diarrhea can occur after medicating, and when using topical treatments, there has been hair loss on the rare occasion where applied.

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