Jessica has always had a huge passion for helping animals since she was a little kid. She spent some time in Mexico, and during those 2 years, she worked for a dog rescue. To this day, Jessica still works closely with them to help the stray animals in Mexico. In 2010, Jessica joined McKnight, and has since then established a patient care legacy. Jessica plays a vital role as McKnight’s Inventory Manager, while sharing her love and knowledge for animal care with other team members at the hospital. Jessica’s unconditional love for animals is apparent: she is always very eager to take in any orphaned kittens and puppies who need to be bottle fed in Calgary, in addition to caring for her own fur family.

Jessica has 4 dogs: Miller (a Mexican mix), Cash (a chocolate lab), Gibson (a lab golden mix), and Enzo (a lab chow mix). In addition to these lovely 4 dogs, Jessica is a mom to a beautiful ragdoll, Swaggles, who has no idea she is a cat, 2 Russian tortoises (Brian and Nacho), and 5 turtles. When Jessica is not busy being a fur-mom or at the hospital, she works with rescues, and enjoys getting away on a nice camping trip. Jessica continues to educate herself everyday on innovative veterinarian care and medicine, focusing on turtles and tortoises, and dreams of opening her own Animal Rescue shelter one day.